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3Gen DermLite IV DL4 Polarized Dermascope w/ PigmentBoost Plus

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>>> 3Gen DermLite IV DL4 Polarized <<<

3Gen DermLite IV DL4 Polarized

Feature :

    Details :

    The 4th-generation DermLite dermatoscope has been specially fashioned from the ground up to be a terrific dea processed in every detail.

    An amazingly smooth, ergonomically optimized all-aluminum layout that comfortably molds to your hand, DermLite DL4 puts phenomenal versatility, the largest optics of any pocket-size DermLite, and instant on/off handle right in your fingertips.

    produced upon the DL3's successful polarized & non-polarized lighting and decent battery life, DL4 now has two brightness levels, a larger field of view, enhanced imaging of a terrific dea completely pigmentation by methods of two grades of color array handle (PigmentBoost Plus), and is but always a terrific dea than 25% smaller than the previous generation.

    Optimized All-aluminum layout That Comfortably Molds To Your Hand, DermLite DL4 Puts Phenomenal Versatility, The Largest Optics Of Any Pocket-size DermLite,