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Biotone Nutri Naturals Lt Mass Oil, 128 Ounce

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>>> Biotone Nutri Naturals Lt <<<

Biotone Nutri Naturals Lt

Feature :

  • Combines pores and dermis healthy, vitamin-rich ingredients to construct a rich, luxurious creme that goes beyond basic moisturizing
  • Easy to apply and non-greasy, it provides an almost all suitable glide that leaves pores and dermis steady and nourished
  • Perfect for whole body massage

Details :

Biotone nutri-naturals lighting foundation Massage Oil combines dermis healthy, vitamin-rich ingredients to develop a light-textured oil that goes beyond basic moisturizing.

effortless and effortless to apply and non-greasy, it provides the most beneficial glide that leaves dermis consistent and nourished.

Blended by means that of deep-moisturizing avocado oil, vitamin fortified carrot oil (beta carotene/vitamin A), wheat germ oil (Vitamin E), Vitamin C, healthy sunflower oil and healing jojoba oil wonderful for max body massage.

Can also use daily as a dermis consideration body oil.

lighting foundation garden-fresh scent.


That Goes Beyond Basic Moisturizing.

effortless To Apply And Non-greasy, It Provides The best Glide That Leaves dermis Smooth