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Cleansing Spa Water: Size - 480 ml

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Cleansing Spa Water

Feature :

  • 16.23 fl.


    / 480 ml
  • Contains natural herbal essences
  • Using Izumo natural Spa water
  • Gentle, nourishing makeup remover

Details :

• Effectively removes makeup and purifies pores
• White birch sap, harvested for only three weeks in early spring, nourishes face having minerals and xylitol
• Oil-free and alcohol-free
• No laundering or rinsing necessary
• SPA liquid moisturizes, protects and nurtures face
• For all face types
• Not Tested on Animals
• Formulated free of Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrance, Mineral Oil derived from Petroleum

As de-stressing as removing makeup having pure water, cleaning Spa liquid relies on their signature blend of de-stressing thermal mineral liquid and conditioning botanical extracts to effectively dissolve sometimes stubborn waterproof makeup having ease.

Infused having six essential herbs for example rosemary, sage and lavender to balance and nurture skin, this refreshing cleaning fluid also incorporates white birch sap to deeply replenish the complexion having brightening minerals.

A makeup remover and de-stressing cleanser in one, this moisturizing formula leaves face fresh and wash free of any oily or tacky residue.

SPA water Moisturizes, Protects And Nurtures skin area
• For All skin area Types
• Not Tested On Animals
• Formulated lacking Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrance, Mineral Oil Derived From Petroleum

As very soft As Removing Makeup