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DERMAFLASH 2.0 Luxe - Pink

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Feature :

  • Brushes

Details :

Created by a woman for all women, the new and greater DERMAFLASH 2.0 has a fresh glance and feel, a selection of speeds and instantly achieves possibly perhaps significantly better skin-smoothing results.

Smooth, radiant, camera-ready body tone is instantly revealed in 3 effortless steps:PREFLASH™: Created to de-fat the body tone and remove all traces of oil and residual products.

This specially formulated cleanser leaves body tone feeling squeaky thoroughly nice and clean and creates the ultimate outdoor for the DERMAFLASH treatment.FLASH™: recommendations are specially made for solo use only.

For safety, efficacy and hygiene, insert a clean, fresh Edge prior to every treatment.POSTFLASH™ : Hydrates and balances after treatment.

For nearly all productive success ALWAYS begin using PREFLASH™ and massage POSTFLASH™ onto face to hydrate and balance after treatment.

Use DERMAFLASH weekly.

Camera-ready body Is Instantly Revealed In 3 straight forward Steps:PREFLASH™: Created To De-fat The body And Remove All Traces Of Oil And Residual Products.

This Specially Formulated Cleanser
Leaves body Feeling Squeaky nice and clean And Creates The Ultimate floor For The DERMAFLASH Treatment.FLASH™: perimeters Are made For simple Use Only.

For Safety, Efficacy And Hygiene,
Insert A Clean, Fresh Edge Prior To each and every Treatment.POSTFLASH™ : Hydrates And Balances After Treatment.

For preferred good results ALWAYS Begin having PREFLASH™ And Massage POSTFLASH™ Onto Face To Hydrate And Balance After Treatment.