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Earth Shield Manuka Oil is a premium 100% pure Therapeutic Grade. Certified Pure. Harvested and distilled in New Zealand East Cape. (1oz/30ml)

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>>> Earth Shield Manuka Oil premium <<<

Earth Shield Manuka Oil premium

Feature :

  • Naturally Anti-Fungal: May help complexion color conditions together with Athletes Foot, Ringworm, Tinea, Ingrown Nails & Nail Fungus, Jock Itch and rashes.
  • Try it for acne.

    As a natura Anti-Bacterial and antiseptic, it wil cuts, grazes and wounds for extra quickly healing.
  • May assist by suggests that of its Anti-Viral properties: Cold Sores or Herpes, perhaps even insect bites and poison ivy.

    wonderful for aromatherapy and massage.
  • Quality: Premium, natural, non-toxic, unfiltered and undiluted, bottled in 1/3 oz amber tumbler bottle.

    Lab tests and authenticity accreditation available.
  • Has been reported to assist MRSA (antibiotic resistant) superbug infection.

Details :

New Zealand Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is a hardy, evergreen plant that grows throughout New Zealand.

Often seen hugging the country's beautiful coastline as a shrub, or growing up to eight metres tall as a tree.

Widely known as Manuka, it's also commonly called Red Manuka, Kahikatoa or Tea Tree but should never be confused using Australian Tea Tree.

Traditionally, New Zealand Maori have utilised all parts of the plant for practical and medicinal uses.

Manuka oil is the essential oil extracted from the leaf and twig of the Manuka plant using a steam distillation process.

The essential oil has rare very dependable Gram positive antimicrobial properties that correlated to the tiers of ß-triketone compounds that can be found in the oil.

Use sparingly.

This 100% pure unrefined medicinal oil has significantly more than 10 times the anti- bacterial & anti-fungal properties of Australian Tea Tree oil.


Widely Known As Manuka, It's Also Commonly Called Red Manuka, Kahikatoa Or Tea Tree But Should Never Be Confused by using Australian Tea Tree.

Traditionally, New Zealand Maori Have Utilised All Parts Of The
Plant For Practical And Medicinal Uses.

Manuka Oil Is The Essential Oil Extracted From The Leaf And Twig Of The Manuka Plant Using A steam Distillation Process.

The Essential Oil Has rare Very
good Gram Positive Antimicrobial Properties that Correlated To The tiers Of ß-triketone Compounds That Can Be Found In The Oil.

Use Sparingly.

This 100% Pure Unrefined Medicinal Oil Has more Than 10 Times The Anti- Bacterial & Anti-fungal Properties Of Australian Tea Tree Oil.