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Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid, 1.2 Ounce

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>>> Eminence Bamboo Firming <<<

Eminence Bamboo Firming

Feature :

  • Skin appears tightened and firm in as little as 5 minutes
  • Collagen concentrations grow in just 6 days
  • Wrinkles and crow's feet dramatically soften in 28 days

Details :

Our incredible organic retinol alternate complex features chicory root and tara tree for a complex that mimics and out performs the often prescribed conventional retinol to expand collagen synthesis.

Just look by the results.

Complex contains Chicory Root And Tara

Tree For A Complex That Mimics And Out

Performs The Often Prescribed Conventional Retinol To strengthen Collagen Synthesis.

Just look with The Results.