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Fresh Creme Ancienne Eye Cream 0.5 oz

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Fresh Creme Ancienne

Feature :

  • made entirely by hand in monastery

Details :

What it is:A couture antiaging eye treatment, handmade in a monastery.What it is formulated to do:This supremely effective, fast-absorbing formula is the ultimate age-delaying solution, suited specially to the private eye area.

The lightweight-yet-nourishing blend glides on quickly and is tested to visibly diminish fine lines, puffiness, and under-eye circles.

It is enriched together with meadowfoam seed oil, a fatty acid that penetrates deeply to hydrate and steady the skin.

Antioxidant-rich seabuckthorn berry oil offers you you protection and restoration, and anti-inflammatory beeswax provides a de-stressing touch.What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Petrochemicals- Phthalates- GMOs- TriclosanWhat else you require to know:This exact complex is determined by the world's primary emulsion-based cream, created in the 2nd century A.D.

by Claude Galen (esteemed doctor to Emperor Marcus Aurelius) to heal gladiators' wounds.

To preserve its unique heritage and supreme quality, the complex is hand-blended in a European monastery.Research Results:In an in-vivo test together with twice-daily purposes much more than a four-week period:- 100% of subjects reported a hydrating and nourishing effect.- 94% of subjects reported that crow's feet were less noticeable, pores and skin felt softer, and the eye area was revitalized.- 90% noticed a de-stressing effect.

Lines, Puffiness, And Under-eye Circles.

It Is Enriched with Meadowfoam Seed Oil, A Fatty Acid That Penetrates Deeply To Hydrate And light The Skin.

Antioxidant-rich Seabuckthorn Berry Oil offers you Protection And Restoration, And Anti-inflammatory Beeswax Provides A calming Touch.What It Is Formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens-
Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Petrochemicals- Phthalates- GMOs- TriclosanWhat Else You have To Know:This exceptional Complex Is enlightened By The World's first of all Emulsion-based Cream, Created In The 2nd Century A.D.

By Claude Galen (esteemed Doctor To Emperor Marcus Aurelius) To Heal Gladiators' Wounds.

To Preserve
Its full Heritage And Supreme Quality, The Complex Is Hand-blended In A European Monastery.Research Results:In An In-vivo Test with Twice-daily software programs finished A Four-week Period:- 100% Of Subjects Reported A Hydrating And Nourishing Effect.- 94% Of Subjects Reported That Crow's Feet Were Less Noticeable, pores and skin Felt Softer, And The Eye Area Was Revitalized.- 90% Noticed A calming Effect.