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An intensively regenerating anti-aging night cream to give the skin a revitalized and more vibrant appearance. A special algae extract, embedded in a 3-D matrix, activates the production of collagen and elastin through sequential release of natural 1.69 Ounces Cream System Absolute Anti-Aging Night

System Absolute Day Cream 1.69 oz creamProduct Description:ystem Absolute Daycream is a luxurious moisturizing, and protecting skin cream for the day. Liposomes and nanoparticles make it possible to provide the skin with an effective supply of Annemarie Borlind

System Absolute Beauty Fluid 1.7 oz LotionProduct DescriptionThe ultimate in skin care for the mature skin with a tendency to form wrinkles. System Absolute Beauty Fluid protects the skin cells which form collagen and elastin against attack from Annemarie Borlind