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Jojoba oil nourishes and moisturizes your skin, hair and nails. Benefits: Powerful natural moisturizer Jojoba oil moisturizes face, body, hair, lips and cuticles Jojoba is known to soothe problematic skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, 85ml / 2.9oz bottle of Jojoba oil with convenient push

Jwoww black bronzer will have you turning heads and breaking hearts with your dark sexy color. This extreme dark bronzing blend of black currant and kukui oil offers the hottest dark color possible, while vitamins and hemp seed extract deliver Jwoww Black Bronzer Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion 13.5

Instructions: Directions: apply evenly And liberally To all exposed areas 20 minutesbefore sun exposure. Reapply as needed or after towel drying, swimming,perspiring or vigorous activity. Children under six months; ask aphysician. Instant action bronzer Protects skin from harmful UV rays while

A key difference between JWOWW One and Done Bronzer Tanning Lotion and other bronzers on the market is its base, which is made from real yogurt. Yogurt is rich in proteins and nutrients, which help prime the skin for tanning. The yogurt base also Yogurt base is infused with Pear and Black Currant

A gorgeous tan can be yours with 20th dimension bare-it-all bronzer. This formula combines natural bronzers that deliver instant, dark, flawless color with melanin activators. The bodyblush blend adds a rosy, flushed tone for energized looking skin. Bodyblush blend Infused with 92 essential

2 BOTTLES OF Australian Gold Cheeky Brown - Bronzing Tanning Lotion *Natural Bronzer Extracts: Combination of natural bronzers for immediate results that last 1-2 days. * Herbal DNA: Enriched for intense moisture retention and powerful skin protecting antioxidants. * Classic Australian Gold®

Helps Prevent Sunburn. Retains Spf After 80 Minutes Of Activity In The Water Or Sweating. Provides Moderate Protection Against Sunburn And Tanning 6 Pieces - 6 Ounce (177ml) Helps prevent sunburn. Retains SPF after 80 minutes of activity in the water or sweating. Provides moderate protection

Australian Gold Moisture Lock provides color-extending benefits and are packed with vital ingredients that enrich your skin leaving it luxuriously soft and smooth after each use. Extends the life of your tan and seals in moisture for a smooth, glowing complexion Contains panthenol and