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This Bergamo gold ampule makes your sensitive skin more smooth, bright and protect. especially, gold has an good effect on nerves & skin purification. gold strengthen your immunity. control cooxidation which is good help in aging. and it supply • Made in Korea • Luxury Gold Ampoule | 13ml×10ea

Bliss Vanilla+Bergamot Body Butter 6.7 Oz. : Paraben Free. This tenderly blended aromatic moisture mix has amber, lemon, bergamot, myrrh and musk, putting the 'thrilla' back in vanilla. Repeated use will leave your skin silky soft, supple and Bliss Body Butter, Vanilla + Bergamot 6.7 fl oz (200 ml)

This biodegradable soap is blended with natural citric acid for pH stability and packaged in a protective #2 HDPE container for easy use and recycling. Provides a great cleansing lather Sourced from sustainable, certified organic coconuts Sustainable, Biodegradable and Vegan