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Golden Caviar 24- Hour Care for Dry Skin-with Shea Butter, Soybean protein and Caviar Extract. This rich care optimizes the skin moisture content and imparts a velvety- soft feeling. Skin looks agreeably smooth and firm.A Lactic acid bacteruim Most Popular Golden Caviar sold

Biodroga MD Collagen Boost Night Care (All Skin Types) contains special tripeptides to support skin's collagen synthesis and strengthen its connective tissue. Skin is smoothed and plumped up. Red clover and yam root extract stimulates skin's natural

A smooth cream that helps activate skin cell metabolism and microcirculation in the skin, optimizes the skin's moisture level and its ability to bind moisture and reduces lines and wrinkles. Restores the balance of stressed skin and makes skin Restores the balance of stressed skin and makes skin

Improves the skin's oxygen metabolism, moisturizing and matting Enables skin to use oxygen provided by the body's transport mechanisms more efficiently Optimizes and activates skin metabolism Protects the skin from damaging outside influences Gives Improves the skin's oxygen metabolism,

-The beige-colored texture of this 'Color Correction Cream' is converted into a light make-up foundation when applied to skin and adapts itself to any skin tone - whether porcelain complexion or olive-colored skin! -The CC Cream is so particular This care for a perfect complexion neutralizes skin