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Ensure that your clients are ideally positioned every time with the Solutions Triangle Wedge Bolster, which cushions the neck and shoulders for both facial and upper body massages. Angle is 40 Degree. Angle is 40 degree Firm Foam for support Earth friendly poly-urethane

These crescent shaped face rest covers have the feel of cotton and the convenience of a disposable overlay. Stretchy elastic holds the face rest cover in place during any treatment! Comes in 2 bags of 25, great for outcall! Bag of Custom Craftworks Sani-Cover Disposable Fitted Face Rest Covers

Added upgrades, such as rounded corners and extra stability from dual-knob construction, make the Heritage portable massage table an exceptional value. The Heritage model includes the classic adjustable face rest and cushion, carry case and front 3-inch thick, Multi-Layered Foam Height Range