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Dr Grandel Active COLLAGRAN AMPOULE 3 ml Restructuring and smoothing ampoule Concentrate for intensive care of demanding skin. Description of GRANDEL Collagran ampoule: The DR GRANDEL Collagran ampoule is a concentrate for intensive care of Concentrate for intensive care of demanding skin.

This anti-aging skin care smoothes out lines and wrinkles, improves the skins elasticity and promotes a young-looking complexion. The formula is enriched by an active that normalizes the hydro-lipid equilibrium of the skin to bestow the complexion Adds firmness stimulates the skin leaves skin

-Beech Extract high performing anti-aging active -Ceramides strenthens the natural skin barrier -Oat Extract - smoothes and moistures the skin The fountain of youth for your skin! Revitalizing and nurturing! An innovative anti-aging formula with 24 hour anti-aging skin care smoothes lines and