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The light texture evens the complexion and hides tiny imperfections. Panthenol and bisabolol calm and smooth irritated skin. Redness and impurities disappear more quickly while they are perfectly concealed by the natural skin shades. Has a gentle Moisturising concealer for irritated Reddened and

Dr. Christine Schrammek SKIN ELIXIR 30 ML Skin Elixier Rich beauty fluid for demanding, dry skin The best-seller Skin Elixier is a perfectly harmonised beauty fluid with caring, regenerating properties and Skin Elixier Rich beauty fluid for demanding, dry

Moisturizing eye fluid for a boost of freshness. Immediately helps tired, puffy eyes and dry wrinkles. The delicate fluid cools and reduces swelling. With valuable plant complex BeautifeyeTM. It provides an ideal basis for make-up and can also be BeautifeyeTM: plant complex for counteracting dark