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The ultimate anti-aging skincare treatment cream. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 78 percent and increase hydration and moisture levels by up to 45 percent. This powerful cream provides a progressive lifting • For fine lines & wrinkles • Padina Pavonica,

A soothing aid for athletes or rheumatic aches and pains. • For muscle relaxation • Rosemary, Juniper, Thyme • Warms, recharges, energises Relieves aching muscles Recharges the body For all skin types

This truly exotic body oil is quickly absorbed to provide superior moisturization for dry, parched or mature skin. Monoi oil is traditionally produced in harmony with nature on the beautiful coral shores of the Polynesian islands by soaking • For body, hair and nails • Frangipani, Monoi,

This is a skin softening cleanser that removes impurities. • For fine lines and wrinkles • Padina Pavonica, Starflower, Elderberry • Deep cleanses, softens, nourishes Made with 100 percent essential oils Promotes skin elasticity Great for all skin types

Formulated with a sophisticated amino acid blend of natural humectants to attract moisture into the deeper layers of the skin for exceptional moisturization and added protection to support delicate skin around the eyes. Intensely active padina • For fine lines & wrinkles around eyes • Padina

A mega moisturizing cocktail of chamomile, comfrey and lavender delivers a soothing dose of hydration, while wheat protein helps boost sagging, sallow skin. Helps reduce dark circles, lifts and refines. Minimizes the ravages of time. • For tired eyes • Chamomile, Osmanthus, Cornflower •

Elemis spa home Japanese camellia oil blend (100 ml) benefits improves elasticity perfect for pregnancy massages helps prevent stretch marks and the formation of scar tissue. Its used for the care of nails, hair, scalp and combination skin. Easily • For skin tonicity • Camellia, Sweet Almond,

This natural blend of highly concentrated plant-based superfoods deeply nourishes and hydrates. Anti-oxidant and omega-rich Broccoli, Flax Seed and Daikon Radish feed the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. INGREDIENTS OF SUPERFOOD FACIAL OIL 15ML Packaging may vary Hydrating Soothes Softens

Elemis pro collagen oxygenating night cream developed with the revolutionary padina pavonica, this luxury, moisture rich night cream is clinically proven to help increase oxygen levels in the skin and assist the skins natural regeneration process. In the morning the skin is left regenerated, smooth

This award-winning body nourishes is a unique balancing formula leaves the skin feeling nourished. The special milk protein base, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals contains natural plant collagen from Japanese camellia oil and oat extract. • For dry skin • Starflower, Camellia, Vitamin

Clinically proven and specially formulated to intensively nourish and moisturize dry and dehydrated skin. Proven to keep skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. The powerful anti-aging ingredients are shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve skin • Firms,smoothes,nourishes •

This luxurious salt scrub melts on contact with the skin to leave it beautifully soft and nourished. • For body polishing • Frangipani, Salt, Hibiscus • Exfoliates, smoothes, softens This cleanses and exfoliates skin Seals in moisture Leaves skin with a pleasant scent

"This skin synchronizing night cream-oil combines the hydration of a moisturizing cream with the protection of an oil. Skin follows natural circadian rhythms which boost repair and renewal at night. ELEMIS’ tetra-peptide helps support this natural Restoring Night Cream-Oil Hydrates, Restores,

Antioxidants plus intense moisture transforms your dry, depleted skin with elemis maximum moisture day cream. It contains jojoba oil, which replicates the natural oils in the skin, combined with african baobab tree extract for revitalized and • For all skin types • Myrothamnus, Tamarind,

The powerful Anti-Redness Complex of Malt, Polysaccharides of Brown Algae, and Neurosensory Dipeptide Amino Acids help reduce the flushed appearance of broken capillaries - one of the key factors in Rosacea relief. This anti-inflammatory treatment Helps reduce heat and the appearance of high color