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Dr. Goldfaden's coveted exfoliator contains natural ruby crystals that polish, exfoliate and buff away dead surface skin, leaving your complexion brighter, clearer and younger-looking. Formulated with line-filling Hyaluronic Acid to deliver MAY IMPROVE CLARITY, TONE & EVENNESS: Contains powerful

GOLDFADEN MD: Needle-Less "Line Smoothing Concentrate" 1ozDr. Goldfaden's line smoothing concentrate offers an alternative solution to injections and surgical procedures for the ultimate reduction in the appearance of fine lines and deep creases. Dr. Goldfaden offers laser surgery in a bottle Dr.

Dr. Goldfaden's Facial Detox is a skin corrective and purifying mask which employs the soothing benefits of Zinc Oxide, Sulfur and Camphor to effectively yet gently clean blemish prone skin, minimize the appearance of pores, and soothe and reduce WORKS TO REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF FLAWS & REDNESS:

Dr. Goldfaden's advanced brightening and antioxidant serum helps to protect against photoaging and free radical damage, while leaving skin hydrated and radiant. Boosts hydration and reduces appearance of redness Increases radiance and reduces