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Lerosett Acne Clay Mask 280 ml./ 10 fl oz. "Professional Size": Lerosett Acne Clay Mask removes dead skin cells, softens the sebum, normalizes the sebaceous oil glands, and effectively removes the bacteria-breeding ground for these skin When used as directed Lerosett Clay Mask is 100% effective

Our main naturally medicated acne system plus scar prevention. Quickly and safely fights mild to cystic acne, heals the redness and swelling associated with acne and prevents further breakouts without the use of harsh chemicals.A maximum strength LEROSETT® OTC Acne Face Wash & Acne Treatment- A

LEROSETT® Moisturizer "Moisture Matte" is the ultimate problem skin moisturizer. Designed in Sweden to work in harmony with the LEROSETT® Clay Treatment moisturizing and minimizing redness and swelling. Can be used alone as the perfect oil-free 67% Savings-PRO size Perfect size for entire body

AKTA Cell Rejuvenator 120 ml./ 4 fl oz "Professional Size": AKTA Cell Rejuvenator is a light translucent oil-free gel serum created in the Swedish tradition of natural beauty for all skin types. Comes with the convenient drop applicator. This ALOE VERA Natures best moisturizer. COLLAGEN,