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Basic isn't always bad. Connotations can suggest the word is boring, or general, but if it gets the job done, who's complaining? The "Hera" facial bed is a classic solution to any massage therapist or facial technician's equipment needs. Its thick Thick foam footrest, seat and backrest

Of all the chairs out there to put under a hair dryer, why not sit in the "Bogart?" That rugged simpleness has more class and style in all the things it doesn't say than a lot of fancy chairs. It's no-nonsense, but that doesn't mean it can't give Leatherette cushioning. Chrome cushion arms. Will

If you want to give your clients a relaxing lounge experience, the "Crest" will take them there in no time. This pedicure chair is fully upholstered in vinyl with thick, pillowy cushioning. The leg rest normally sits inside the chair so it won't Pull-out legrest with footbath table Reclining