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Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair® LM-6800 is a specially designed frame structure and airbag system located in shoulders, arms, waist, hips in three zero gravity positions. Compare to LM-6800's price to it's many awesome qualities it is the Upgraded as of 07/01/17 - Auto programs, timer button up

• Multiple airbags on Legs and Arms area perform pulsed air pressure massage to boost blood circulation and revitalize the body. The Arms cover cloths are made with acupressure points which allows boosted blood flow. • New foot rollers built in Upgraded as 03/01/2018 - Triple Hip airbags,

Fully automated movements with full-body scanning to fit perfectly of your body size up to 6.2 350 lbs comfortably. Additional Features - Heating therapy on Upper, Lower back, legs and feet. Bluetooth Premium Speakers /Android / Apple App available Exquisite massage chair that professionally