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Change your portable massage table into your electric lift table and back in less than a minute! Tired of adjusting the legs on your table, is it just not worth it? The ProLuxe Convertible brings the benefits of a lift table into reach. Clients come Change table height during treatments without

Oakworks stabilization straps great for range of motion, mobilization, or isolation techniques. They offer a wide surface area for increased client comfort and are adjustable in length for stabilization of any body part. Secure and strong, the heavy Great for range of motion, mobilization,

After using the Symphony portable massage table it won’t be long until you will be singing its praises. The Symphony has been designed and tested by Oakworks to be the best entry level table at an affordable price. The Symphony portable massage Package Includes: Symphony table in Ivory wood

The Oakworks Essential Carry Case has a large pocket, shoulder strap, handles, dual-slide zippers, and is most budget friendly. The durable black Polyester will help protect your portable massage table during transport and is designed to fit

As compact as portable massage tables are, few will fit comfortably into a cramped office or common area. Without a massage chair, you may be missing out on lucrative opportunities to expand your massage offerings. The Portal Pro by Oakworks is Package includes: Chair, TerraTouch Fabric, Free Quick