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Smooth the feeling of skin and soothe your sensations with softness. Organic shea butter and almond milk nourish the skin with moisture for a rejuvenating feeling you'll want to experience again and again. WHAT YOU GET 16.9 fl. oz. Shea Butter Body Huge Double Size 16.9 oz. Helps ensure comfort and

Perlier Caribbean Vanilla Whipped Body Butter 5-piece Set your sights on the tantalizing aromas of the Caribbean Islands. Perlier's whipped body butter, with its intense, warm, embracing scent, has the perfume of the sensuous and mysterious Caribbean Vanilla has the perfume of the sensuous and

Perlier Imperial Honey Bath Cream 16.9 oz. Bath Cream Rejuvenating beauty treatment created with the valuable honey of black bees Activated by the warmth of a shower or bath to release botanical oils Helps nourish the skin with moisture, leaving it