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The SunFX Tanning Tent comes in its own easy to carry portable bag. The large clear plastic top allows for ample light to enter the tent. High Quality. Unlike other flimsy imitations Our super high quality lightweight tanning tent won't let you down Spacious and with extra clear roof to enable

Original Tan INFUSED WITH ORGANIC ALOE VERA, ORGANIC GREEN TEA AND NATURAL COCONUT. ALL-NATURAL DHA Our all-new Original solution delivers a completely natural looking, streak free, golden tan in less than five hours. A unique combination of organic Nourishing & Hydrating All Natural and Organic

SunFX Caribbean Chocolat Mid Summer is the perfect beach brown look for light to medium skin types. Think Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Simpson. 25 to 30 Spray Applications per Liter Mid Summer (12% DHA)- Cool, Neutral & Warm Tones (a great one size fits all) All Natural and Organic