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If you only carry one beauty product - carry this one. A handbag essential from This Works - its a mask, moisturiser and primer all in a handy pump dispenser. Instantly protecting, enhancing, repairing and replenishing, rich in anti-oxidants, In 40ml / 1.35 oz A handbag must have - it's a mask,

Combat daily dehydration with no wrinkles extreme moisturiser, a powerful anti- wrinkle moisturiser; it provides dermatologically- proven 24 hour hydration and effectively helps minimise wrinkles and restore skin hydration. Its intelligent 48ml Our award-winning, intensely hydrating

This Works' skin deep golden elixir is formulated using a Superblend of Vitamin rich, natural ingredients selected for their hydrating, anti-ageing and antioxidant qualities. The most exciting of which is pure 24 carat Gold. When blended together, 120ml / 4 oz A sumptuous anti-ageing serum that