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Mango butter is cold pressed from the kernel of the mango fruit. The mango originated in southern Asia and has been used by indigenous people of the rain forest as a healing ingredient for many years. Mango butter is rich antioxidants and vitamins A Bulk Size Organic Mango Butter.Fresh mango butter

Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans. Our natural cocoa butter is unrefined and has a soft chocolate scent to it. We are proud to offer this high grade cocoa butter, which is sourced from a certified organic supplier. Intoxicating chocolate smell, Organic Cocoa Butter Bulk Sizes Cocoa butter is

Made from USA grown soybeans. Our easy to use soy wax candle making flakes are made of hydrogenated soybean oil. The wax is 'Golden Brand 444' and is meant for container and tea light candles. Clean up is a snap, as you can simply wipe the unused Soy Candle Wax, Made in USA Sold in bulk sizes ade

This rich cocoa butter has been deodorized to remove most of the chocolate aroma. You'll still have a rich yellow cast to the butter with a slight scent, since harsh chemicals are not used to deodorize. Our deodorized cocoa butter is still healthy Frash Batch with even less odor than the last