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Dark Tan is a power-packed economical product from Wolff System. With Enhanced UVB for shorter session times this is a great upgrade for many home units.You'll get better face coverage plus a rich, dark, sexy tan. Works in many popular sunbeds such Great bulb for a home tanning bed No hassle

Set of 24 New Wolff Dark Tan tanning bed lamps. These are the most popular choice for home tanning bed owners who want an excellent lamp. F71 Bi-pin 100 Watt. Wolff Brand 1000 hour tanning lamps

Warranty 30 Day warranty from date of purchase on no lites or. Most recognized and respected brand without equal in performance, life and value. Wolff Brand 1000 hour tanning lamps

24 Wolff Velocity Plus Tanning Bed Bulbs Approximately 10% stronger then the Velocity. A compatible lamp which provides an even darker, richer tan. May be used as an upgrade. Significantly more UVB without compromising the robust UVA Velocity is 24 NIB Wolff Velocity Plus tanning bed bulbs F71