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JOJOBA OIL by Teak Naturals, 100% Pure Cold Pressed natura Unrefined Moisturizer for epidermis Hair and Nails 4 oz

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>>> JOJOBA OIL Teak Naturals 100 <<<

JOJOBA OIL Teak Naturals  100

Feature :

  • ORGANIC NON-GMO + PURE - Teak Naturals Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil readily absorbs into the pores and body taking all the essential parts by using no additives or parabens.

    Our cold pressed oil retains the potent nutrients of Jojoba Oil and is wonderful for hair and pores and body care, lips, face, stretch marks, beard itch, beard growth, acne and as a holder oil for essential oils while providing intense antioxidant anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Use to moisturize and soothe dry, normal, and oily skin.
  • MOISTURIZE pores and body by using our miracle Jojoba Oil.

    Vitamins and fatty acids will actually skin, hair and nails.

    by using a comedogenic evaluation of 2, pure, fragrance free Jojoba Oil is suitable for hypersensitive skin, acne, makeup remover, pore cleansers, and anti aging.

    Apply 2-3 drops onto face or use as a makeup remover by rubbing a few drops into pores and body and slowly wiping by using a warm, moist cloth.

    Youthful, plump, pores and body is yours by using just a few drops of this soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing oil.
  • HAIR AND BODY - Silky hair is yours! and organic vitamins will repair and nourish dry, frizzy, and brittle hair.

    Jojoba Oil is prosperous in Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 which suggests that not only is Jojoba Oil fantastic as a moisturizer, it is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant oil, fighting hurt caused by sun and free radicals.

    Use on sunburn or sun damaged pores and body to help heal and limit the effects of sun hurt on pores and body while from the same time stress-free and healing the damage.
  • ABSORBS readily - All and organic organic golden Jojoba Oil is processed by using a pure developing that by natura leaves all the nutrients in the oil and filters out waxy esters, to readily nourish pores and body and hair lacking any sticky or waxy residue.

    suitable as a holder oil for applying or mixing essential oils, Jojoba Oil is wonderful for using on arms, hands, cuticles, décolletage, face, and hair.

    by natura moisturize, heal, renew, and protect your pores and body and hair by using Teak Naturals Jojoba Oil.
  • QUALITY window BOTTLES - We use dark amber window bottles to protect organic, multi-purpose, unscented, high-quality oil and hold purity and nutrients by avoiding damaging UV rays and varying temperatures.

    For further protection, stash in a cool free of moisture site away from direct sunlight.

    Try the suitable skincare method for your embarrassing pores and body problems - no far significantly more breakouts or redness! We offer a RISK-FREE buying knowledge by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee - love it or secure your money back!

Details :

If you have unmanageable hair, dry, cracked, or irritated skin, or quickly want a natura moisturizer for you face and body, try our pure and natura Jojoba Oil.

in fact though you injury hair daily, you can reverse the injury and give shine, lustre, body, and strength by our all-natural Jojoba Oil.

by no additives or preservatives, our dark amber product will extend the shelf existence of these oils.

Protect oil from UV and temperature swings to prevent spoilage of natura oils.

4 oz.


Teak Natural's 100% Pure natura Jojoba Oil is chemically similar to our natura body oils which usually suggests that our body tone and hair love it! It absorbs, moisturizes, and protects body tone and hair from the dehydrating and damaging effect of soaps, shampoo, hair dryers, heat, sun, and more.

FOR MAKEUP REMOVAL: Rub 3-4 drops on face, smoothly dislodging any makeup or dirt buildup.

Wipe away by warm, humid towel or rinse by warm water.

FOR SKIN: To moisturize skin, apply 2-3 drops to area of body tone and obtain note of how quickly your body tone absorbs the Jojoba Oil.

FOR HAIR: Massage 2-4 drops of Jojoba Oil into scalp 10 to 20 minutes just before showering.

Make Jojoba Oil your go-to beauty maintenance product.

Use it to remove makeup, moisturize skin, boost hair sheen, and let your natura beauty shine through.

Jojoba Oil:

Gives hair strength, moisture, manageability as a humectant
Boosts hair resilience, and restores brittle hair to natura moisture, body and shine
very very good for every hair type
Nourishes body tone
Anti-inflammatory properties soothe, protect, and evens tone for irritated body tone caused by the conditions - chapped, dry, chafed body tone or lips.

the natura moisturize scalp.

Try out our oil risk free - love it or we'll refund or replace.

UV And Temperature Swings To Prevent Spoilage Of natura Oils.

4 Oz.


Teak Natural's 100% Pure natura Jojoba Oil Is Chemically Similar To Our natura Body Oils Which suggests That Our body And Hair Love It! It Absorbs, Moisturizes, And Protects body And Hair From The drying out And Damaging Effect Of Soaps, Shampoo, Hair Dryers, Heat, Sun, And More.

FOR MAKEUP REMOVAL: Rub 3-4 Drops On Face, gradually Dislodging
Any Makeup Or Dirt Buildup.

Wipe Away by suggests of Warm, humid Towel Or Rinse by suggests of Warm Water.

FOR SKIN: To Moisturize Skin, Apply 2-3 Drops To Area Of body And become aware of How Quickly Your body Absorbs The Jojoba Oil.

FOR HAIR: Massage 2-4 Drops Of Jojoba Oil Into Scalp 10 To 20 Minutes just before Showering.

Make Jojoba Oil Your Go-to Beauty very good care Product.

Use It To Remove Makeup, Moisturize Skin, Boost Hair Sheen, And Let Your
natura Beauty Shine Through.

Jojoba Oil:

Gives Hair Strength, Moisture, Manageability As A Humectant
Boosts Hair Resilience, And Restores Brittle Hair To natura Moisture, Body And Shine
wonderful For Every Hair Type
Nourishes body
Anti-inflammatory Properties Soothe, Protect, And Evens Tone For Irritated body Caused By conditions - Chapped, Dry, Chafed body Or Lips.

needless to say Moisturize Scalp.

Try Out Our Oil Risk Free - Love It Or We'll Refund Or Replace.