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Naturopathica Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream 1.7oz.

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>>> Naturopathica Calendula Essential <<<

Naturopathica Calendula Essential

Feature :

  • Nourishing, deeply moisturizing cream.


    Soothes dry, very vulnerable skin.
  • For very vulnerable skin.

    For dried out skin.

    For red or irritated skin.
  • Animal friendly.


    Leaping Bunny Certified.

    Gluten Free.

  • DIRECTIONS: gradually uncomplicated and easy a pea size amount above face and neck using upward and outward movements.

    Apply morning and night above serum or after treatment for many beneficial results.
  • 1.7 oz.

Details :

A nourishing, deeply moisturizing cream that features anti-inflammatory Calendula Extract to soothe dry, hypersensitive body and conditioning Borage Seed Oil to help soften the skin.

Cream That carries Anti-inflammatory Calendula Extract to Soothe Dry, vulnerable skin And Conditioning Borage Seed Oil to Help Soften The Skin.