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Olay Magnemasks Infusion - Korean epidermis consideration enlightened serious Hydration, Rejuvenating Face Mask for Fine Lines & Sagging epidermis - Starter Kit

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>>> Olay Magnemasks Infusion Korean <<<

Olay Magnemasks Infusion   Korean

Feature :

  • MagneMask is one of Olay's newest innovation in beauty, on-trend by using Asia's development of devices to balance and restore the epidermis and impressed by Korean epidermis care
  • MagneMask solutions uses magnets to infuse anti-aging ingredients much significantly more intense into the skin
  • This potent, anti-aging mask is filled by using ingredients that deeply hydrate to restore elasticity, greatly cut down the look and actually feel of wrinkles, and visibly firm skin
  • This overnight face mask is created to operate while you sleep.

    It replaces your nightly face moisturizer and help you get up up up by using younger looking skin.
  • Use MagneMask three to four times per week as a part of your evening skin care routine to get up up up to visibly consistent and firm skin

Details :

Discover new depths of ingredient infusion with the Magnemasks Infusion Rejuvenating Facial Mask Starter set encouraged by Korean pores and body care.

This leave-on mask treatment infuses anti-aging ingredients with magnetic polarity, so your pores and body gets sometimes significantly more of the fine stuff.

The starter set incorporates one jar of the Rejuvenating Mask and one Magnetic Infuser tool.

The potent, anti-aging mask is a prosperous gel loaded with two incredible ingredients with magnetic character, pentapeptide and niacin amide, that penetrate to restore elasticity, cut down the look of wrinkles and visibly firm skin.

The Magnetic Infuser is assembled to massage, target and push ingredients formidable into skin's surface.

For quick, intensive results, incorporate this overnight mask treatment into your weekly regimen two to three times per week.

And there's no want to wash it off.

This leave-on mask is assembled to replace your nightly moisturizer, so you get up up to visibly smooth, firm and plump skin.

with magnetic infusion, working surface cells al the foundation of your pores and body are rejuvenated for a spa-like abilities and absolutely ageless results.


The Starter set comprises of One Jar Of The Rejuvenating Mask And One Magnetic Infuser Tool.

The Potent, Anti-aging Mask Is A loaded Gel stuffed with Two Incredible Ingredients with Magnetic Character, Pentapeptide And Niacin Amide, That Penetrate To Restore
Elasticity, cut down The look Of Wrinkles And Visibly Firm Skin.

The Magnetic Infuser Is designed To Massage, Target And Push Ingredients formidable Into Skin's Surface.

For Quick, Intensive Results, Incorporate This Overnight Mask Treatment Into Your Weekly Regimen
Two To Three Times Per Week.

And There's No have To Wash It Off.

This Leave-on Mask Is designed To Replace Your Nightly Moisturizer, So You get up Up To Visibly Smooth, Firm And Plump Skin.

with Magnetic Infusion, working surface Cells at The Foundation Of Your body Are Rejuvenated For A Spa-like experience And actually Ageless Results.