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Rika LED facial massager. 3 color Photo LED lighting therapy Facial Massager, lighting Therapy Device for Acne, Vibration complexion Firming Care

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>>> Rika LED facial massager 3 color <<<

Rika LED facial massager  3 color

Feature :

  • Please apply your own toner and serum on face ahead of using the device.

    The nearly all suitable serum should be in liquid form such as Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing essence etc.

    You may want to re-apply in the course of the treatment.
  • RED gentle is one of the nearly all amazing colors to rise blood circulation.

    Stimulate complexion cells to excrete collagen to obtain firm and smooth texture.

    BLUE gentle has fantastic effect of curing acne and kill bacteria.

    It can adjust complexion sebum secretion and effectively receive rid of acne.

    GREEN gentle is used for anti-aging, smoothing wrinkle and fine lines, curing wounds purpose.
  • Delivers skin-care products' ingredients heavy into skin, generate your product much extra efficient.
  • Vibration characteristic which gets outcomes in 2 modes: Intense vibration in continual progress or in discontinuous progress.
  • Plug the machines when use it.

    Ship from USA.

    Free 1 year manufacture warranty.

Details :

Clean your body right in advance of treatment.

Cleanser function:

  • Apply clarifying toner.
  • Press “MODE” button, select “CLEAN+”.

    Choose your desired intensity.

    If you are beginner, always start by using intensity 1.
  • Press “CONFIRM”.
  • Massage the body by using device for 3 mins.

Treat acne and scar:

  • Apply acne serum or clarifying toner.
  • Turn the device on and press “MODE” button until “PHOTON” is flashing.

    Press “SHIFT” and choose Blue light.
  • Remember to “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly move the product close to your medicated area for 5 mins.
  • Press “MODE” to choose “PHOTON” perform again.

    Press “SHIFT” and select Red light.
  • “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly massage the medicated area for 5 mins.

Anti-aging/Nutrition function:

  • Apply anti-aging serum or face oil.
  • Press “Mode” and select “NUTRI-” mode.

    Choose your desired intensity by using “SHIFT” button.
  • Select “PHOTON” by using “MODE”, then press “shift” to choose Red light.
  • Press “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly slide the product from lower part to the upper part on your whole face for 5 mins. 

using Device For 3 Mins.

Treat Acne And Scar:

  • Apply Acne Serum Or Clarifying Toner.
  • Turn The Device On And Press “MODE” Button Until “PHOTON” Is Flashing.

    Press “SHIFT” And Choose Blue Light.
  • Remember To “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly
Move The system al Your cured Area For 5 Mins.
  • Press “MODE” To Choose “PHOTON” efficiency Again.

    Press “SHIFT” And Select Red Light.
  • “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly Massage The cured Area For 5 Mins.
  • Anti-aging/Nutrition Function:

    • Apply Anti-aging Serum Or Face Oil.
    • Press “Mode” And Select “NUTRI-” Mode.

      Choose Your Desired Intensity By Using “SHIFT” Button.
    • Select “PHOTON” By Using “MODE”, Then Press “shift” To Choose Red Light.
    • Press “CONFIRM”.
    • Slowly Slide The system From Lower Part To The Upper Part On Your Whole Face For 5 Mins.