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Rocky Mountain Oils - Frankincense, Sacred-15 ml | 100% Pure & al Essential Oils

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>>> Rocky Mountain Oils Frankincense <<<

Rocky Mountain Oils   Frankincense

Feature :

  • AROMA: Frankincense Sacred Essential Oil has a medium-strength balsamic, rich, warm, slightly spicy, sweet, and woody aroma presenting a base fragrance note.
  • DESCRIPTION: Use the oil, properly diluted by implies of a company oil, to significantly better the appearance of all body types.

    Frankincense Sacred wil tone and tighten skin, while promoting balance, improvement, and genuine healing.

    The oil also promotes a healthy immune system, while supporting urinary, respiratory, and digestive function.
  • QUALITY: GC/MS Verified as 100% pure and authentic Essential Oils

Details :

Frankincense, Sacred Essential Oil's woody and sweet aroma can encourage healthy emotions and assist your respiratory, nervous, and immune systems.

Try using it in your daily facial oil regimen.

accentuate your meditation and breathing together with the help of the warm and comforting aroma diffused all-around you.

Aroma Can Encourage Healthy Emotions And assist Your

Respiratory, Nervous, And Immune Systems.

Try Using

It In Your Daily Facial Oil Regimen.

accentuate Your Meditation And Breathing together with The Warm And Comforting Aroma Diffused near You.