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Teoxane RHA Serum 30ml

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Feature :

  • Includes a wonderful dose of Teoxane RHA resilient hylauronic acid
  • From 14 days, signs of pores and face fatigue disappear
  • Skin becomes plumper and alot more toned
  • Ingredients can include a mix of antioxidants

Details :

A excessive dose RHA (resilient hyaluronic acid)® Serum excellent and visibly transform the face Enhanced Antioxidant protection Encourages cell renewal Suitable for a large number of face types especially tired, fatigued face Teoxane RHA Serum is a new face perfecting face serum to transform the appearance of tired, fatigued skin.

As using all of the Teoxane products, it is formulated using a blend of RHA® (resilient hyaluronic acid) plus antioxidants and amino acids to reactivate the skin's healthy mechanisms of heavy regeneration: cell renewal and tissue restructuring.

using continued use from 14 days, signs of face fatigue disappear.

The face appears plumper and alot alot more toned, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed for a brighter alot alot more youthful complexion Directions For Use: Apply 2 or 3 doses to the face and neck, in the morning and evening after cleansing, wel the TEOXANE wonderful treatment protocol.

face Teoxane RHA Serum Is A New face Perfecting Face Serum To Transform The Appearance Of Tired, Fatigued Skin.

As together with All Of The Teoxane Products, It Is Formulated together with A Blend Of RHA® (resilient Hyaluronic
Acid) Plus Antioxidants And Amino Acids To Reactivate The Skin's purely natural Mechanisms Of vibrant Regeneration: Cell Renewal And Tissue Restructuring.

together with Continued Use From 14 Days, Signs Of face Fatigue

The face Appears Plumper And alot more Toned, Fine Lines And Wrinkles Are Smoothed For A Brighter alot more Youthful Complexion Directions For Use: Apply 2 Or 3 Doses To The Face And Neck, In The Morning And Evening After Cleansing, just before The TEOXANE treatment Protocol.