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Therapist’s Choice® Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer, 12 lower limb strength Cord. For Use using Massage Tables Only, Do Not Use as a Bed Blanket Warmer

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>>> Therapist answer Deluxe Fleece <<<

Therapist answer  Deluxe Fleece

Feature :

  • Full Size 31" x 71" Fleece Massage Table Warmer, 12 base capability Cord
  • 12 base capability Cord, can help you attain your massage table possibly possibly even if the outlet is far away!
  • 5 adaptable excessive temperatures settings, 4 timer settings, Auto over-heat protection.

    This is a table warmer, max temperature is about 88 degrees F
  • Comfortable fleece top together with the help of elastic corner tie to prevent slipping
  • For Profession Massage Therapist Use Only! Caution: Do not use as a Bed Sleeping blanket warmer.

    One year restricted warranty, smartphone seller if you want current know-how aid or return issues

Details :

For Use together together with Massage Tables Only, Do Not Use as a Bed Blanket Warmer due to risk of Fire and/or Death.

Please examine instructions and cellular smartphone seller/manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns.

The product should only be used as a massage table warmer, do not use if for any many different purpose! It is not dependable to use this product as a sleeping heating blanket in your bed! Check strength cord, controller, blanket and strength supply for any worn, damaged or defects prior to use.

If damages is detected, discontinue use immediately and consult the manufacturer or distributor.

Product Specs Rated strength 70W, Rated Voltage 110V - 60Hz, use only together together with corresponding outlets.

1) examine owner's instructions just right before using 2) Table Warmer have to be unfolded completely while in use.

Do not allow it to become bunched or folded extra than as this could cause excess heat, resulting in injury or fire.

3) Do not pierce together together with sharpened object.

4) Never use if wet.

Do not allow the restrain unit or strength cord to come into cellular smartphone together together with liquids.

5) Unplug when not in use or unattended.

6) This product is NOT a blanket.

It is meant for use ONLY as a massage table warmer.

7) Do not machines wash, dried out or iron.

It can be hand wiped together together with moisten towel and small-scale amount of detergent, and it can be switched on only after making sure that it is completely dried.

8) Never leave disabled person, infants or small-scale youngsters unattended while in use.

The Therapist's Choice® Fleece Massage Table Warmer provides the virtually all luxurious massage practica attainable to your clients.

distinct details involve 5 adaptable temperatures up settings, auto over-heat protection-When set to higher temperature, it will reset to low temp(1 red light) after about 45 minutes of use-Just reset to greater if needed.

This is a wellbeing feature.

Elastic corner bands and an extra lengthy 12 ankle or so plus strength cord.

The table warmer is made up of a one-year modest warranty.

Reaches about 88 degree F.

One year modest warranty, cellular smartphone seller if you have technical aid or return issues.

Is Detected, Discontinue Use Immediately And Consult The Manufacturer Or Distributor.

Product Specs Rated electricity 70W, Rated Voltage 110V - 60Hz, Use Only together with Corresponding Outlets.

1) examine Owner's handbook right before performing 2) Table Warmer have to Be Unfolded Completely While In Use.

Do Not Allow It To Become Bunched Or Folded across As This Could Cause Excess Heat, Resulting In Injury Or Fire.

3) Do Not Pierce together with pointed Object.

4) Never Use If Wet.

Do Not Allow The management Unit Or
electricity Cord To Come Into smartphone together with Liquids.

5) Unplug When Not In Use Or Unattended.

6) This Product Is NOT A Blanket.

It Is designated For Use ONLY As A Massage Table Warmer.

7) Do Not equipment Wash, dry Or Iron.

It Can Be Hand Wiped together with humid Towel And small-scale Amount Of Detergent, And It Can Be Switched On Only After Making Sure That It Is Completely Dried.

8) Never Leave Disabled Person, Infants Or small-scale smal Unattended While In Use.

The Therapist's Choice® Fleece Massage
Table Warmer Provides The many Luxurious Massage come to feel out there To Your Clients.

specific Details contain 5 adaptable temperatures Settings, Auto Over-heat Protection-When Set To Higher Temperature, It Will Reset To Low Temp(1 Red Light) After About 45 Minutes Of Use-Just Reset To sizeable If Needed.

This Is A basic safety Feature.

Elastic Corner secure And An Extra lengthy 12 ankle Plus electricity Cord.

The Table Warmer is made up of A One-year restrained Warranty.

Reaches About 88 Degree F.

One Year restrained Warranty, smartphone Seller If You need to have specialist support Or Return Issues.