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White Lotus Absolute - 100% Pure Undiluted 5 mL in Miron Glass

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>>> White Lotus Absolute 100 Pure <<<

White Lotus Absolute   100  Pure

Feature :

  • 5ML wine bottle of wine - 100 Drops
  • Bottled in Biophotonic Violet frosted frosted glass - Patented German solo Drop frosted frosted glass Dropper
  • Certified Therapeutic Grade, and organic & Organic
  • Free 10ML of and organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (in 15ML wine bottle of wine - leaving bedroom to put drops of the fragrance of your choice) by process of the pay for of any Essential Oils/Absolutes
  • UNDILUTED - Please refer to our website for dilution information (

Details :


This product is marketed in 5ML (100 drops) Biophotonic Violet wineglass bottles on along with specially made droppers to dispense a lone drop within a time.

All of our essential oils and absolutes are Certified Therapeutic Grade and are Natural/Organic.

These oils are UNDILUTED so please dilute ahead of applying to skin!

Drops) Biophotonic Violet frosted glass Bottles along with Specially constructed Droppers